Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, when I was given the choice to make the move to California I was beyond excited! Don’t get me wrong, I love my hometown. I love being a Texan. I love the Spurs, Tex Mex and HEB. But what I love even more is an adventure! I love culture and diversity so what better place to experience this than in California. After much debate, finding the perfect house and a long road trip with our dog and cat, we finally made our arrival to the Golden State. Let the adventures begin! Will you join me?

So to embrace Spring Break in LA, I have decided to explore the best of the city. I have lived here for more than a year, but have yet to see so many things!

Day 1: Visiting film locations in Pasadena and surrounding areas.

90210: The Walsh family of “Beverly Hills 90210” lived in this house in the 91001 zip code. Located right down the road from me in Altadena.

Pee Wee Herman’s House: Not as colorful and less cluttered but this is it now! Located in South Pasadena.

Beethoven: One of my favorite movies growing up. How can you resist that face? Located in South Pasadena.

Father of the Bride: All-time favorite movies! Love this house. Located in Pasadena.

Legally Blonde: So this is a super tiny courtyard at a little church near City Hall in Pasadena. They did a great job making it appear to be Harvard Quad! Located in Pasadena.

Parks & Rec: Pasadena City Hall! Much of the show is also filmed in the city planner’s office across the street. Located in Pasadena.

Clueless: Obviously a classic! This was filmed at Occidental College.

Back to the Future: This is Doc Brown’s House. The Gamble House is an historical landmark in Pasadena and was home to David and Mary Gamble of Procter & Gamble. Located in Pasadena.

Mad Men: This is the Draper Residence! Classic! Located in Pasadena.




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