SBLA: Celebrity Pasadena

So to embrace Spring Break in LA, I have decided to explore the best of the city. I have lived here for more than a year, but have yet to see so many things! Will you join me?

Day 1: Visiting film locations in Pasadena and surrounding areas.

90210: The Walsh family of “Beverly Hills 90210” lived in this house in the 91001 zip code. Located right down the road from me in Altadena.

Pee Wee Herman’s House: Not as colorful and less cluttered but this is it now! Located in South Pasadena.

Beethoven: One of my favorite movies growing up. How can you resist that face? Located in South Pasadena.

Father of the Bride: All-time favorite movies! Love this house. Located in Pasadena.

Legally Blonde: So this is a super tiny courtyard at a little church near City Hall in Pasadena. They did a great job making it appear to be Harvard Quad! Located in Pasadena.

Parks & Rec: Pasadena City Hall! Much of the show is also filmed in the city planner’s office across the street. Located in Pasadena.

Clueless: Obviously a classic! This was filmed at Occidental College.

Back to the Future: This is Doc Brown’s House. The Gamble House is an historical landmark in Pasadena and was home to David and Mary Gamble of Procter & Gamble. Located in Pasadena.

Mad Men: This is the Draper Residence! Classic! Located in Pasadena.


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