My Take on the Golden Globes

Every time I watch an award show I can’t help but think “who are these people that think they have the right to deem who is the best?” After all, isn’t film considered an art form? If so, art is open to interpretation. Just because a group of people don’t appreciate a film/TV show does not mean it is unworthy of recognition. While I think it is great to honor the accomplishments, I feel like classifying art takes away from the individual experience. If a film wins a Golden Globe, and I haven’t seen it, I automatically feel the need to see it. The problem is that I am going to view it with a bias that it is an amazing movie!

Then of course you have the fashion aspect which again, could be considered an art form. Why is their so much emphasis on the clothing the stars wear? If fashion is a form of self-expression then why would someone else have the authority to criticize whether or not their choices were acceptable.

By the end of it, I feel like the entire production is just an excuse to put celebs on display and criticize. Not much different than a high school prom.


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