My New Year’s Promise

I hate the word “resolution.” I don’t resolve to do things. If I want to do something, I just do it! I have never understood the concept or the point of creating a New Year’s Resolution(NYR). Let’s be honest here. How many people actually stick with it? I would love to see those stats! Not that I am trying to rag on anyone for setting goals, but if you really want to achieve something, why wait for the first of the year to commit to doing so?

I digress…

Rather than make a resolution that I am unlikely to keep, I have chosen to make a promise to myself. And so that others can hold me accountable to it if I might fail, I am sharing it on the WWW. This year, and every year, I promise to do.

To do...
what is right
what is honest
what is noble
what is unexpected
what is loving
what is kind
what it takes
what I feel
what I believe
what is unimaginable
what is noteworthy
what is breathtaking
what is jaw dropping
what is generous
what is unheard of
what no one else has done before
what I can!


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